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Existential Investment Management Corp.

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Our founder has developed value added briefs to hedge even the most illiquid portfolios and severe risks since before the housing market recession.



Existential Investment Management Corp. was founded by Kevin Roebber a former moderator and prominent economic observer on reddit.com where he occassionally provides prominent content and billions in predictive insight for free. He has correctly predicted every Federal Reserve monetary policy during and since the Great Recession up to 12/2021 (the time of this edit). In nearly all of these instances he called the eventual monetary policy decision several years in advance of any action with correct timing on the short term. Similar investment insight has been historically provided for every major central bank in the world, from the European Central Bank to the People's Bank of China. His insight goes further than just central banks, however. He also contributes to high level government policy, received correspondence from multiple Presidents of the United States as well as others of note regarding his economic, financial, policy, and other research.

He has independently documented predictive insight in most industries, the financial markets of many countries. He's personally invested over 20,000 hours so far personally into the development of methods that now privately, through Existential Investment Management Corp., provide the edge our clients need across markets like forex, equities, credit, futures, options, credit default swaps, interest rate swaps as well as others. Several of his predictions individually, with correct execution, would have yielded a client like you in excess of 5.5% in a 24 hour window. This can scale to an institutional sized investor with >$1 billion AUM. For the private individual investor, His public commentary has shown consistent immediate correlation with value creation of about a billion in a matter of minutes. Depending on your investment objectives and risk tolerance there might be more that can be done on a % ROI basis. Potential strategies include long, short, long/short, arbitrage and everything in between. Bespoke briefs are tailored to the specifications of the client. 

If you are an active servicemember or a veteran of the military please let us know when you contact us. We support those who serve.

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